Rare trees and plants on Socotra island (Flora)

About 850 species of plants are registered in the island of Socotra, including 270 species that exist only on this island and not anywhere else in the world. and it should be noted that 10 species of the 18 rare and endangered plants in Yemen are found in Socotra, and they need more attention and conservation as 7 species of them are listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature “IUCN” as rare and threatened plants.


There are also many medicinal plants, such as the bitterSocotri-Cactus,the rareDragon’s Blood tree which is the most important and valuable, Jaraz and Euphorbia. It is also the home of the famous frankincense trees, where there are only 25 species of frankincense in the whole world of which 9 species are settled in Socotra Island, in addition to the noted spread of other trees like Al-Amatahand palms, while there are more than three hundred fungal speciesexist only on Socotra island