Coral reefs and marine diversity

Yemen is characterized with a range of geographical structures along its maritime coasts varied between rocky, sandy and muddy beaches, in addition to the flat coastal areas.

This diversity of beaches was among the reasons that led to the formation and prosperity of many biologicalspecies such as coral reefs, sea-grass basins, Mangroves, open water and coastal environment.

This environment exists along the coast of the Red Seastarting from of Jazan in the north to RasIssa near Hudeidah and from Al-Khawkha to the Bab Al-Mandab in TaizGovernorate, while coral reefs are exist along thesouthern coastnear Mayyunisland, RasImran and Shokra, as well as near Socotra island, Bir Ali, BelhafandMukalla beach.

Coral reefs are considered as the most important coastal environments that offer -  as an ecosystem- a lot of benefits through their various interactions with other ecosystems like the sea-grass and Mangrove.