For a long time, steam-baths had spread in Yemen and still maintain their strong fame despite the high competition ofmodern saunas thathaveremarkable popularity.Bustan Al-Sultan's steam-bath located in the Old City of Sana’a is one of the oldest in Yemen which reflects its the historical legacy. Its name is attributed to the area where it has been built which belonged to a sultan of the AyyubiState that ruled Yemen before.

Usually, people sit in a hot room where they expose their bodies to hot steam and get them washed with water, where a specialized person called "Al-Mukayyes" rubs and cleans people bodieswith soap and natural fibers, then they go back again to the hot room where they get their bodieswashed and remain there forrelaxation before massage.

People in Yemen liked to go to the steam-baths especially on vacations and social events. Entry ticket prices are very cheap, so everyone can visit and enjoy.  Days are allocated between women and men.Also, there is a believe among men that steam-bath increases fertility, so the groom along with his friends go to steam-baths before the wedding to celebrate.