Natural-therapeutic baths

Yemen has many natural elements that constitute the main and secondary factorsoftherapeutic tourism which depends primarily on therapeutic mineral water sources that spread in many parts of Yemen.

Among thosenatural-therapeutic baths is (HammamatDamt) which located in Dhali' province, and consider as one of the most important natural resorts due to their abundantsulfuric warmwaters that stem naturally from the depth of the water basin without the need for modern mechanical pumps, leading to their wide spread in all parts of the city which does not exceed the total area of ​​ 1.5 square kilometers.

Nowadays,Damt city became known with name of(HammamatDamt) dueto its many natural-therapeuticbaths that approximately up to fifteen.Those baths are characterized with their ability ofAllergy treatment,as warm water has proven its benefits and unique ability to cure many dermal diseases in addition toAsthma and Rheumatism.

HammamatDamtare characterized withtheirwaters high temperature degree and the presence of sulfur thatmixed with a large proportion in water,in addition to the large quantity of natural gas exists atthe depth of water basin which leads water to fling naturally