Aaa yemen stone house (dar al-hajer), archeological palace engraved on the top of a rock

Stone House (Dar Al-Hajar) is located 14km away from the northwest of Capital Sana’a in Wadi Dhaher, one of the most well-known valleys in the Capital, and it consists of 7 floors. The archaeological building on a rock has still been narrating to generation after generation about the robust ability of Yemeni man to live in the most difficult places and the palace was called as stone house (Dar Al-Hajar) stems from the rock on which it had been built and its origin belonged to Sheba front (Queen of Sheba) which was called Thu Saidan before Imam Al-Mansour Ali Ben Al-Abas ordered in 1735Ah to build it as it is today. Imam Al-Mansoor ordered his famous minister poet and designer Ali Ben Saleh Al-Amari to build a palace in Wadi Dhaherto be as a summer palace for him. The palace is tourist site for the population of Sana’a and visitors coming from the other governorates.