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Officials inaugurate 6th Sana’a Summer Festival

By Akram al-gaolahi 
 House Speaker Yahya Ali al-Ra’ee inaugurated Sunday August, 18 the 6th Sana’a summer tourism festival for 2013 under the slogan “Towards a modern, civil, safe and stable Yemen” with the participation of more than one thousand exhibitors from Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the program which will continue until September the 1st. Among the attendees were Minister of Tourism Dr. Qassim Sallam, Capital Secretary Abdulqader Ali Hilal and Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr. Amatulrazzaq Ali Hommad. House Speaker Yahya Ali al-Ra’ee affirmed in a press statement for the media that the 6th Sana’a Summer tourism Festival reflects national consensus and the status of security and stability that prevailed in Yemen. He pointed out that the presence of the Yemeni people in the festival from various Yemeni provinces and participating teams reflects the form of this consensus and the cohesion of Yemeni people, in which the wisdom of the Yemeni people is manifested in the most poignant form. He praised the joint cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and the secretariat of the capital Sana’a in organizing the festival, calling for the consolidation of such an approach in the process of coordination and cooperation between government institutions, in order to offer a form of integration. He also called to generalize the experience on the various provinces of the Republic and wherever the conditions are favorable for it. For his part, Minister of Tourism Dr. Qassim Sallam affirmed that the most important message conveyed by the festival is that the people of Yemen find themselves on such occasions agreed to provide a different image of Yemen and Yemenis. An image that emphasizes the inevitability of historic harmony between the Yemenis just as it confirms the fact of security, stability and the pursuit of Yemenis to build a unified and stable Yemen. Minister Sallam praised the cooperation with the Secretariat of the capital Sana’a in organizing the festival, which lasts 15 days and the number of the teams participating in it at the local and Arab level. He called for effective participation in the festival as a Yemeni family-friendly occasion to conclude the summer program with plenty of fun, thrill, excitement and creativity through the festival’s various heritage, tourism, cultural and intellectual activities. Secretary of the Capital Abdulqader Ali Hilal explained that the Sana’a festival is an occasion through which we send a message that Sana’a is a city for all Yemenis and is the address of the consensus and modern Yemeni state through the diversity of the audience at the festival from different provinces. It is a portrait bearing the aroma of coffee, taste of grapes and the sweetness of pomegranates as well as a wide range of trades and handicrafts crafted by the Yemeni fingertips that seek diligence, challenge, patience and long hope. This confirms that Sana’a Festival’s meaning is more beautiful and farther than some imagined and confirms that Yemenis agree on making a bright tomorrow, God willing. During the opening, the House Speaker, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and the Secretary of the capital, witnessed the military, local and Arab musical bands parades and festivities that were included in the festival. The parades provided a picture of the size of the civil and cultural heritage of Yemen in addition to the similarities between the cultural and civil heritage between Yemen and the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt. They also witnessed a show by the Special Forces parachutist Task Force and their gliding in the skies of the capital Sana’a, marking the launch of the festival while carrying the national flag and the slogan of the festival through three parachute landings and gliding that lasted for more than 90 minutes and greatly contributed to the entertainment of the audience. House Speaker, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the Secretary of the capital and a number of officials viewed all 50 tents participating in the festival, in addition to the tent of shows, major events, heritage, crafts and agricultural associations. They hailed the contents and the number of crafts and products showcased, expressing their admiration for live performances provided about the life of the desert in the Marib tent, jumping over camel backs in the Tehamah tent and the heritage and architecture offers of the Hadhrami tent in addition to the Sana’aani tent offers that provide a microcosm (miniature craft) of a Sana’aani house and facades of the city of Sana’a from the live history museum.

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