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Aden Governorate
Aden City is where commercial activity proceeds from dawn to dawn … with its boisterous Gulf, its fair mountains, impenetrable fortresses and pleasant coast welcomes its visitors every day – as a free port by sea and air round the clock
Taiz Governorate
Lies to the north west of the Yemeni Republic bordered from north by the two govemorates of Hudaida and Ibb and from the north east Al Daleh govemorate, from south - east.with Lahj Governorate and from the west the Red Sea. Its capital city is Taiz, 256 from the capital Sana’ to the west.
Hodeidah Governorate
Historically, Hodeidah governorate was known by the name of “Tehama of Yemen” due to its location on the coastal plains of Tehama extended along the Red Sea coasts. It is characterized by its hot climate and calm winds. According to the ancient language of the Yemeni scriptures, Tehama was mentioned as Tod the Mountain.
Hadramout Governorate
Hadramout governorate lies in the eastern part of Yemen between Al-Mahra governorate from east and Shabwa governorate from west and extends north in side Al-Ruba Al khali desert, the southern coasts overlook the Arab sea, Al-Mukalla the capital is 777km from Sana’a across Marib-Attaq-Al-Mukalla paved road.
Shabwa Governorate
Located within the geographic zone historically known as Yemen east between Ma’rib and Hadramout governorates, it comprises areas of different relieves, plains, mounts and deserts extending north towards Al Rub Al khali Desert and long coasts on the Arab sea
Al-Mahweet Governorate
The Governorate of Al-Mahweet is deemed to be one of the most fascinating areas for natural landscape views, due to the multitude of its water springs and streams.
Hajjah Governorate
The Governorate of Hajjah is situated 127 northwest of the Capital City of Sana'a
Abyan Governorate
The Governorate of Abyan Governorate is bounded by the Governorates of Aden, Al-Dhali'a, Al-Beidha and Shabwa. It has a long coastline that extends for 300 km, which yields fish of the finest quality. The climate of Abyan Governorate is moderate in the winter and hot in the summer.
Marib Governorate
This governorate was named after the name of the well-known city of Marib, the Capital of the Sabaean Kingdom in the ancient times. It involves the most outstanding symbols of the ancient Yemeni civilization, which flourished mainly in the first millennium BC. The new city of Marib the capital of the province lies at a distance of 172 km to the east of Sana’a.

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