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National Museum:
Housed in one of the Imam’s palaces, the exhibitions running over three floors cover Islamic scripts, craft, agriculture and of course archaeology.

Museum of Art and Crafts:
The museum is housed in Dar Al Shukr  ( House of Gratitude) in Sana’a, just off Tahrir Square. Traditional life is portrayed in a number of exhibitions, including clothing, craft and jewelry.

Old University Museum:
There is a permanent display of mummies in the small museum at the Old University. Open from 9am-1pm every day except Friday, you may still have to ask for a key. Undervisted, this museum will almost surely be empty, allowing you the luxury of unhampered viewing o f some amazing exhibits.

Taiz National Musuem:
Housed in the last residence of Imam Ahmed, the National Museum in Taiz is a fascinating insight into to his lifestyle. Everything is left as it was on the night he died in 1962. Browse through his huge collection of watches and perfumes, which are indications of his luxurious lifestyle. The gruesome history of his rule is related through many old photos.

Queen Arwa Musuem:
While in Jibla, do not by-pass the small museum dedicated to Queen Arwa which is contained within her old house. On leaving the Arwa mosque, just ask of direction.

Seiyun Museum:
Housed in Qasr Kaff, the magnificent palace of the Kathiri Sultan, the museum in Seiyun has fascinating exhibitions covering all aspects of life in the Hadhramout valley. Rooms have displays on customs, weapons, jewelry, cooking and agriculture, culminating in a fine collection of old photographs.

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