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One of the draws of Aden, especially for foreigners living in Yemen, is the chance to relax at the city’s beaches. Within the city itself, you need to head to the Gold Mohur district. Lover’s Bay Beach, Elephant beach and Gold Beach are regarded as the best public beach. Two great private beaches can private beaches can be found at the Sheraton Gold Mohur  and the Elephant Bay Beach Resort. The Blue Beach outside the city in Little Aden is also nice.
The city of Aden is a combination of several different neighborhoods – Crater, Ma’alla, Tawahi, Gold Mohur and Khormakser. Each is known for something in particular.
Crater is the old district of the city and served as the original ancient port; it contains the modern souk as well as many of the city’s sights. The neighborhood’s name is taken from its location. It was built in the crater of Aden’s extinct volcano.
Ma’alla is the area that was built up during the British occupation. The two long rows of rather depressing. Soviet-looking buildings that line both sides of Ma’alla main street were constructed the British and used as residences. The area now functions as the modern port and overlooks the new Aden Free Zone.
The region of Tawahi was used as the port during the British occupation.
The city’s modern growth has taken place mainly in the area of Khormakser.  The neighborhood contains the city’s major hospitals and universities, as well as the diplomatic region. The highly secluded region of Gold Mohur contains the majority if Aden’s resorts, private beaches, and nightclubs. Outside the city limits are several important suburbs, such as Sheikh Uthman, the gathering place for shared taxis and buses, al-Mansura, and Madinat ash-Sha’b.

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