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Cuisine in Yemen

Cuisine in Yemen portrays the proficiency at culinary art of Yemen people. While you go on Yemen Tours, you can spend your leisure time in exploring various attractive places. After traveling around all the attractive places, you can dine at the restaurants. All these restaurants  offer the best of Cuisine in Yemen.

Cuisine in Yemen is an integral part of the culture of the country. The Cuisine in Yemen hugely differs from the more commonly known Middle Eastern delicacies. Yemen Cuisine also varies from district to district. The main dishes from the Yemen Cuisine are prepared of chicken and lamb.

The local people use these ingredients much more than the usual beef. They also eat fish, which is normally used in the coastal regions. You will very rarely see the use of milk, cheese and butter or any other dairy product in the food habit.

The most frequently used lipids are of course the vegetable oil that is utilized in the mouthwatering delights. The Yemeni people also use semn in the pastries. Semn is actually the clarified butter.

Since Yemen boasts of several regions, the different regions have distinct cuisines.
Of all the Cuisine in Yemen, the saltah is the national delight. Rice, potatoes, scrambled eggs and vegetables are very common ingredients to Saltah.

The main food of Yemen people include a spoonful of fenugreek froth, brown colored meat stew that actually belongs to Turkish origin, maraq, sahawiq or sahowqa. The Sahowqa is a mixture of chilies, tomatoes, herbs and garlic and salsa herbs.

Some other dishes from the Cuisine in Yemen are Aseed, Thareed, Fahsa,Samak Mofa, Fahsa, Fattah, Rashoosh, Osahra, Kudam and Fateer. Khamira is another important part of Yemen Cuisine.

This is called Taboon, which is actually the baked bread in a tandoor style. Malooga, Khubz and Khamira are some renowned homemade bread.

Drinks are also important parts of the Cuisine in Yemen. You can savor milk tea or black tea, Qishr, Qahwa, Krakadin and Naqe’e Al Zabib and cold raisin drink. Though, coffee is hugely cultivated in the Yemen country, local and foreign travelers prefer black tea than coffee.

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