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Socotra Beaches

Located at the crossroads of several major biogeographic provinces connected by major seasonal currents and upwellings, Socotra’s marine biodiversity is rich and is characterized by a unique mixture of species from the following regions - the western Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, Arabia, East Africa and the wider Indo-Pacific.


The capital of Hadramout and one of Yemen’s ports on the Arabian Sea. It was known as Khaisa or Bandar Yakoub and has been called Mukalla only recently.
Fishermen were the first to settle in Mukalla, having immigrated from adjacent regions, In this city,

Kamaran Island

At the southern end of the Red Sea sprawls a long, flat, spit of desert with an unusual view of the moon. Travelers who settle themselves at the tip of the sandy tongue that lolls from its northern end, just as the full moon takes to the sky, will see its reflection in the water on either side of them.

Al-Hodeidah City

It is one of the Yemeni ports famous for the export of coffee beans during 7th 18th and 19th centuries. It was mainly reputed as a port for the export of pearls extracted from the sea rocks. It has also a unique architectural  design characteristics of the coastal towns of the Red Sea like Al-Luhayya, Jeddah and Aqaba.


One of the draws of Aden, especially for foreigners living in Yemen, is the chance to relax at the city’s beaches. Within the city itself, you need to head to the Gold Mohur district. Lover’s Bay Beach, Elephant beach and Gold Beach are regarded as the best public beach. Two great private beaches can private beaches can be found at the Sheraton Gold Mohur  and the Elephant Bay Beach Resort.

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