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The full on experience of Yemen
In our busy world, we quickly let our minds paint in all of the rest of the details of this country and its people. Time to be thankful for where we are and move on. But sometimes we should explore deeper. ...
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Socotra Island
Socotra Island is the largest island of the Land of Sheba, approximately 120 Km long by 40 Km wide and a population of 55000 with their own district language and culture, they also speak the Arab language of Yemen. The coastal area is inhabited by fishermen majority of African origin, using African huts whereas the Wadis are inhabited by Nomads of Arab origin and the mountains region is inhabited by Nomads & Descendants of an old South Arabian tribe speaking the old Arabian dialect Socotri related to the Mahari dialect.
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Welcome to Yemen
Yemen is Arabia's Undiscovered gem. It is a country where you can find the world's oldest skyscrapers, spectacular mountaintop villages, pristine coral reefs, and stunningly gorgeous trees unseen anywhere else on earth.
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